Products Promoting Emotional Well-Being

 Barking, meowing, whining, pacing, panting, shaking, hyper activity and hiding are signs of emotional stress.
Calm My Pet Products to the rescue with fast acting, easy to use, natural veterinary formulas to help calm pets.

Dr. Pamela Fisher, Veterinarian Formulated and Designed
the Calm My Pet Products

Animals have emotions too! Our pets need care to feel their best. Often dogs and cats exhibit signs of stress, anxiety or loneliness. Calm My Pet Products to the rescue with easy, safe, fast acting formulas to help your pets reduce stress for increased health, joy and quality of life.

Recommended to calm your pet for

  • stress
  • worry, anxiety, loneliness
  • trauma
  • hyper activity & destructive behaviors
  • thunderstorms & fireworks
  • car trips
  • vet visits 
  • visitors

Calm My Pet products work in harmony together and combined with healthy diet, exercise and positive reward training helps your pets be happy, healthy, calm companions!


A portion of proceeds are donated to Calm Shelter Animals with Music